Ren Core Values

This is who we are
Good Energy

In everything that you do, bring GOOD ENERGY. Everyday is a new day and we get to choose how we show up. Our recklessly optimistic team shows up energized, and finds the opportunity in every challenge presented. Our attitude and perspective allows us the space to persevere during hardships. Whatever obstacle is thrown at us, there is always a solution. In short: GET STUFF DONE, and HAVE FUN doing it. The work isn’t always going to be easy, but with the right energy and commitment, we can stay connected to our mission, our team, and to our souls. We will always find a path to success, and we will always bring Good Energy.

Good Humans

To our core, we believe in the value and impact of being a GOOD HUMAN. At Ren, we define that as being customer-focused and accountable in the workplace, ensuring those who count on our services are always taken care of. There is no lip service here at Ren, and integrity is everything. If we say we are going to do something, we do it. We act sustainably, ethically, and take responsibility for our actions. We genuinely care about each other, and work hard to create and maintain long-lasting, genuine relationships with all. Our community outside of work and personal life means something to us. We give back to our communities in a multitude of ways, believing a strong, striving community is a thriving community. We choose to do the next right thing. Big "right things” aren’t done at once, or overnight. Our little decisions make up our bigger mission, and the cumulations of all of our choices are our superpower.

Open and Inclusive

Diversity is a fact, inclusion is a choice. Here at Ren we operate with a ‘team first’ approach, putting our people first. We don’t care if you are the CEO or a seasonal summer intern. You will always be treated fairly, equally, and with respect. Your place of work should feel inviting, safe, and accepting, allowing you to feel comfortable bringing your whole self to work; we love every aspect of our employees, not just certain pieces of them. Your voice is important and we are committed to fostering a positive and open working environment where your ideas, thoughts and concerns are always welcomed. We acknowledge and honor the fundamental value and dignity of all individuals, and we pledge ourselves to creating and maintaining an environment that respects diverse traditions, heritages, and experiences. We wholeheartedly believe diversity, inclusion and an open workplace makes us stronger, smarter, and more innovative, allowing us to better serve the needs of our customers, people and planet.

Everyone is a Creative

Creativity is viewed as a value in all roles and departments. We encourage everyone at Ren to think creatively and critically around how to do their best work, and create value for our greater mission and the customers we serve. Everyone is brilliant in their own unique way, and everyone should feel empowered to take ownership and act on their innovations - whether those innovations are in their job description or not. Embracing and celebrating ideas and creativity by allowing space for failure and risk-taking is core to Ren. The best ideas can come from anywhere.

Nothing is Perfect, Nothing is Done

Our people strive for excellence in everything that we do, but we acknowledge that there is always room for improvement. While we celebrate wins of any size, our mindset allows us to be flexible and adaptive in all aspects of our work. While we take our work seriously, we embrace criticism and welcome feedback from our peers openly and with grace. We embrace the mindset of “progress over perfection” with the knowledge that daily steps in the right direction can allow us to accomplish great things individually and collectively. Nothing is accomplished without communication, which is the foundation of any successful company. Ensuring open communication and transparency allows all Ren employees to meet their full potential, and continue to improve in their work.

Spread Love

Spreading love is ingrained in our team; it’s unconditional. In all that we do whether it be personally or professionally our end goal is to spread love throughout. Sometimes it means lightening a teammates load when they’re facing hardship, sometimes it’s giving someone your undivided attention when they need it most, and it’s always being present. It manifests in many ways. Overall it creates a deep rooted culture in empathy, compassion, and understanding. It’s an acknowledgement that at the end of the day we’re all human beings that are trying to do our best. It's a recognition that people can only do their best when they feel safe, and safety is built through love and trust. It shows in the way we interact with each other, our customers, and the broader world we are trying to serve through our mission. It shows in the way we bring our humanity, our whole selves every day, and how we respect and acknowledge each other in that vulnerable and trusting state. Love always wins.