Ren Core Values

This is who we are
Good Energy

Fuel every day with positivity, tackling challenges with an unwavering spirit of optimism. At Ren, we're energized doers and compassionate humans, committed to excellence and kindness in equal measure.

Open and Inclusive

Ren thrives on diversity and inclusion, fostering a workplace where everyone, from intern to CEO, feels valued, respected, and heard. Our strength lies in our collective uniqueness, driving innovation and understanding that uplifts us all.

Everyone is a Creative

Creativity isn't confined to titles or tasks at Ren; it's a shared value, a universal language. We empower every team member to think outside the box, valuing every idea and encouraging the boldness to dream big.

Progress over Perfection

We value every step forward, learning from feedback and staying agile. Open communication fuels our journey, ensuring we grow together, always improving, always evolving.


Own your impact. Responsibility at Ren means stepping up, driving change, and being accountable for your actions. We encourage extreme ownership at every level, and lead by example.


Move with purpose, act with urgency. We chase goals with tenacity, embracing each challenge as a stepping stone to greatness. We hustle to win.


Find joy in the journey, celebrate the wins. We believe in the power of fun to inspire, connect, and rejuvenate. At Ren, we find flow in the balance between work and play.


Lead with love, create with compassion. Love is our foundation, guiding us to support and want the best for each team member. We listen deeply, and act with empathy. It's about showing up—for our team, our customers, our community—with a commitment to kindness that transforms.