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A platform to decarbonize your entire organization.

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The fastest way for your organization to get to carbon neutral, and stay there.

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Ren Platform

The Ren platform enables companies with global supply chains to source the cleanest energy possible. Ren solves the complex financial, technical, and logistical challenges associated with sourcing renewable energy to cover supply chain emissions. This unlocks cost savings and the ability to meet carbon commitments on time.

Secret sauce___

Joint PPAs

In collaboration with NREL, we invented multi-buyer corporate PPAs (now sometimes referred to as "aggregated PPAs"). Backed by industry experience in markets like China, Vietnam, and Indonesia, Ren can cover many facilities at once. This unlocks the best rates from developers, reduces risk, and ensures brands reach their goals quickly. The established market of hungry developers benefits too, accessing sizable projects that would otherwise not exist.

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The change that's needed ___


If everyone on earth recycled, drove an electric vehicle, and quit using plastic straws, 100 corporations would still produce 70% of total global emissions. To actually move the needle on climate change, companies must transition away from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources. The power needs of corporations are equivalent to entire countries. Each company we assist in transitioning to 100% renewable energy is equivalent to taking an entire country carbon neutral. Our goal is to take 25% of global energy consumption renewable by 2030.

Estimated energy usage of corporation equivalent to country

Our Opportunity

Previously, there was only one option: pay the utility bill.  Now, we can directly connect our corporate clients to wind and solar projects. It’s much more viable for corporations to go in on larger RE projects when there are multiple buyers. Our platform identifies and aggregates demand. Together, brands can access cheaper cost of capital, Tier 1 renewable energy developers, de-risked energy procurement, and favorable contract terms due to scale when collaborating with other companies.

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So Many Benefits

It's Cheaper

Renewable energy is cheaper than fossil fuels, and savings grow exponentially with time. Don't leave your rate in the hands of the utility.

It's Less Risky

Lock in your electricity price as demand increases, and manage blackout risk. Switching to Renewable energy is one of the safest moves to make.

Compliance Mandates

Commitments like the RE100 are likely just the beginning. Stay ahead of renewable energy legislation.

Massive Impact

Corporations in the commercial & industrial sector consume over 1/3rd of the world's energy. Action from a small number of companies can go a long way.

Our Origin

After over a decade of experience on the ground building wind projects around the world, Eric joined Nike as the director of renewable energy. At the time, there was no real consensus on how to convert such a massive Fortune 100 corporation with 2,400+ factories in 28 countries to 100% renewable power. He had to start from the ground up. Over the next few years, Eric helped create the #1 corporate renewable energy program in the world (tied with Apple in 2018).

Eric's "aha" moment came while on the ground at factories throughout China, Vietnam, Indonesia and India. He noticed that many of the same factories producing shoes and clothes for Nike were making products for other brands, and many of those brands had also signed on to the RE100 pledge to become 100% renewable. Eric realized that wind and solar projects designed to cover multiple brands manufacturing in the same area could create a much larger impact. This was an opportunity much bigger than just Nike. Ren was born.

Eric Jen - Founder & CEO

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